Here’s a few selected shots from various shows that I’ve shot during the years. This is just a snapshot really so check out the blog section for more stuff. There’s whole lot more stuff over there to see!

You can check my old blog in here, lots and lots and lots of more pictures over there…


Hi there! and welcome!

This is me, my pictures, part of my world. Music and photography.

I’ve often pondered on what I should tell You about myself here and to be honest, I suck at these kinda of things.

That might be the reason I am doing arts. See, I like to avoid the spotlight, I enjoy myself there behind the camera.

But a little something, well, I am a father of 2, husband of 1. Even a brother. I collect vinyls, you know, those pieces of plastic that have music innit. I love my family, it’s my all and everything.

But I love my art as well. For me it’s a sanctuary, it’s my passion and first love. It’s one of the vitals of life, right there with family and music.

I take this very serious, so if we’re out to to do something together, we’ll end up with something great!

I’m a gun for hire. Drop me a message and let’s shoot something cool! Aight!



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