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Tuesday 11th of august was a pretty cool day as it was time for my first ever Against Me! show in general and just to take it to the max the kind people over at Fullsteam granted me an access with a photo pass! Now how cool was that! Huh?

I arrived to the venue just after the doors were opened to the crowd, went to the merch booth to do some shopping. Too bad no vinyl’s were on sale at this time, but few dope Steakmtn designed t-shirts and badges founded a way to my camerabag. Even bought my kids few patches as well, gotta teach them to rep the good bands from the start. Have to say that I really dig what his doing in his art so go and check his adventures over here as well and be surprised on his greatness! He’s a real artist, very personal and talented.

The set itself was just as great as on can imagine, check the setlist below to see. There were few tracks that weren’t on the list but were played, such as “Americans abroad” “Rapid Decompression” “Joy” “Don’t Lose Touch” and “Sink, Florida, Sink” if i remember correctly, it was such ecstasy from start to finish so there might be something that just escapes from me.

Band played so good, they were so fuckin’ tight! I mean, really fuckin’ super tight! They played so well together that I kinda noticed myself observing how well they played together. And as it is said that the rhythm section is the spine of the band, I can now sign that argument one hundred percent. Inge and Adam both were so much fun to watch as they sure were givin more than 35% as were Laura and Jimmy too 😉

The way they played, the timing and energy that was between Laura, Jimmy, Inge and Atom was tangible! And did they have fun? Fuck yeah, like even a blind man could have seen the joy that they had there on the stage! And the intensity that they all had during the set, man! there ain’t no words on describing what went on that stage! Pure fucking brilliance!

It is always nice to see the band having fun! Coming to stage with smile on your face kinda tells that you’re gettin a kick ass show, and this time was no exception to that! Just go and see them, they’re more than worth it. I mean, the music has a point, there’s lot’s of different levels, lyrical content is beyond excellent! And they’re such humble and polite guys as well, true artists playing music from the right reasons.

Shooting was done from the audience because there were no photo pit at all and just 3 songs were granted to shoot, so not that much different aspects, but still yet I enjoyed this to the max and think that there’s some really rad pics below. Tavastia is a good place to shoot and this time didn’t bring any difference to that matter. Good lights, pretty simple setup which was more than fine for me. If one thing that I would have wanted to be there was the decapitated head logo backdrop, yeah, that I would have wanted to see!

After the show we stayed there in front of  the stage and pretty soon the whole band came there one by one and the evening had the best ending it could have get. We chatted for a while and I got few of my vinyls signed, and some gtr pics for my kids, which was so fucking cool! Boys are so proud of their pics!

It was really cool to notice how humble and polite the whole band was. They had time for us all and weren’t in any rush which brought a very free and cool atmosphere to that moment.

Hope You enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them. This was definitely one of the most precious experiences in my life to date, no doubt about it!

Thanks Laura, Jimmy, Atom and Inge! This memory will put a smile to my face each and every time!

Until next time, Black me out!


All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju



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