Apina Live Wanaja Festival 17.7.2015

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What up? Ya feelin’ all right? Cool! Again been in a hurry, so no post last week, but here we are again! Thanks for coming back with us again!

Apina was again one of those bands fairly new to me. First time ever seeing them live and listenin’ to their music more than what played on the radio etc. And I was positively surprised about them! Really enjoyed their set and the vibe that they had. Too bad that there were not that much people there since they were one of the first acts of the opening day… They should have deserved more people in the audience with that fierce and vibrant live show that they delivered.

I am in some way from that generation of metal where bands such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Manhole and so on came from and that for Apina made such an impact to me. If it would have been in say 1994 to 1995 I know I would have been even more hyped about them than what I am now.


That’s all Folks! Remember to take care on each other! Peace! See you at the shows!

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