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I remember seeing the band first time in local youth centre in Hämeenlinna back in 30.11.1996 (the infamous show where Tuukka kicked ass of one of the organisers as his bass cabin or amplifier wasn’t working well) and after that multiple times throughout Finland every once and awhile here and there. And as there is multiple cool stories to be told, we’ll just keep them skeletons hiding in the closet at this time…. But anyway, i’ve been a huge fan of the band from the days of “Hajonnut E.P.” until let’s say to 2007’s “Eikä Vielä Ole Edes Ilta” from which on I somehow just stopped following them that much. Still bought all the albums, and think there  are some good songs on them, but still there has been something missing for me and from that on it has kinda taken my attention away from the band. Yet I still have high hopes for the new forthcoming album coming later this year.

So that for this was my first time seeing them in such a looooong time and I must say that they did very well, just like I thought they would do. And I must say that I was glad to see that there was still that old attitude there, at least when / after things went into technical difficulties. Toni rushed out of the stage after the song throwing his guitar to the floor with a force, Sipe following him instantly. And as it was bad and you never hope for those difficulties to happen, but that kinda reminds me of the humanity aspect of it all, things can go into shit at times, so it’s welcomed at times as well. Venting the frustration is healthy, ya know.. And it reminds me from the original attitude from the days when the band was startin’ up, those unpredictable behaviours are more than welcomed In my opinion. There’s that certain feel of danger and that fuck you mentality that needs to be present at rock music, especially in punk rock music.  As I think that music comes from, and is, from emotions and when you’re doing your thing with great passion, it shows, both in good and bad. And when you let it show in the bad way as well, it comes more humane, more vibrant and it ain’t in the safe zone. It needs to be raw and dirty, it needs to be real.

Photographing was a bit intricate as the band was held on high risers, so the angle from photographers view was a bit hard, but not impossible. Overall it was nice to be doing this show and I could not think of how excited I would have been if I would have been shooting them some 15 years ago! Whoa! That would have been dope! I know the young me would have pissed his pants!

And I must admit that I have some shots from various shows from the old days. At least 1 show from Hämeenlinna, 1 from Forssa, 1 at Riihimäki and few snapshots from Provinssi 2001 and some free show from Helsinki, so I might drop some of those someday. I just have scan them first as they have been shot in real film! Back then it was pretty simple to go and shoot, just walk in with your camera and that was it! I might share some gems from those days sometime…..

The setlist of the show was something like this. It might not be accurate as I think they played “Sata Kesää Tuhat Yötä” as well, just don’t remember on where it sets on the list…

01. Valokuva
02. Mitä kuuluu
03. Zombeja!
04. Pahempi toistaan
05. Sun kohdalla
06. …Silti onnellinen
07. 009
08. Koneeseen kadonnut
09. Hiekka
10. Kauppaopiston naiset
11. Ravistettava ennen käyttöä
12. Mato
13. Anna mulle piiskaa

And then something completely different!

I’ve been checking out our user data for sometime now and month after month after month we seem to be gathering more and more readers! Which is fuckin’ awesome! and that for I’d like to thank each and everyone of you out there for checking out my site! I wanna thank every reader, every band, promoter, everyone who has been in any way linked on this site or my photography. You make it possible for me on doing this thing.

I am doing this all by myself, from the scratch, everything; the site, photographing, coding, social media, everything. And I am doing this completely in non profit too at this time, so there’s no advertisement or whatsoever now on the site, tho I wouldn’t mind to put few in here and there, if they would fit my views and somehow help me out on doing this. So if we have something in common and You or Your company think we could work out, drop me a line and we’ll talk. But anyway, the first and foremost important reason for me on doing this is self impression on creating art and having fun!

So, thanks for reading and sharing it with others as well!



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