Atomirotta Live Wanaja Festival, Hämeenlinna, 18.7.2015

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Ok so this is the third time i’ve seen and shot the band during their existence. This was the first time on a bigger stage as the earlier gigs have been on our local Suisto Klubi. You can check those sets out in here and here

It’s been fun to see them evolve during the years and take their own road on the musical scene in Finland. I think there’s really no other one like them out there right now so it’s really fresh and breath taking stuff that they bring to the table. I really appreciate the genre borders bending type of attitude, ya know, they do what fits and sounds good on a song and it ain’t fixed on doing only one style. Keep up crossing and mixing different style!

Here’s the highlights of the energetic set that the crowd of Wanaja Festival were able to witness. Shooting was easy and went well. At least until it started raining, but fear not! Your inventive photographer invaded the vip area and shot the rest of the show from there! HA! Enjoy!

Every time I’ve seen them perform live there’s always good, positive vibe that flows throughout the set, from start to finish. And that is, what I think really gets passed on with these pictures. That intense chemistry  that can be seen there is really cool! And the joy that the performing itself seems to bring onto the faces of the artists themselves is what makes it really, really for me to be there and shoot that actual moment. They are having fun up there on the stage, enjoying themselves and pouring the art over the crowd!

Check their official site here and official facebook here. And don’t forget to buy their music, in vinyl of course, from here

That’s all Folks! Remember to take care on each other! Peace! See you at the shows!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju