Atomirotta Live Nightclub Hugo, Hämeenlinna 13.3.2016

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Atomirotta – Nightclub Hugo, Hämeenlinna, 13.3.2016

Atomirotta, those fellas from the midsts of our capital city Helsinki have released their new album “Atomirotta II” and are now touring extensively on supporting the album.

Put your eyes close and imagine yourself in the end of the 90’s kinda bar or on one of those “luxurious” ferries that traffic between Finland and Sweden and You’ll see just exactly the club where this show was being held. Black satin walls, dark red satin sofas and chairs, golden leafs on the walls, fitted carpets…. Get the idea. Just something really, really old. Kinda reminded of the bars where we used to go when I was young..  The club and the band really ain’t engraved from the same tree so to speak, but that made this a bit more interesting and I just couldn’t miss it on any excuse.

The show was fucking on it! The band was so tight, they were really delivering that energy and power to the crowd. The air was sweaty, it was thick as the mists of an early summer morning. And I really like the new material so it was very, very nice to hear it live. Too bad I didn’t catch the setlist.

Shooting was nice too! At first I was bit afraid as the crowd was just next to the stage, stage was on level as the crowd, light rig was rather minimal.. But in all I got some really great pictures. Lights were just as good as one could have wanted. Crowd, well, it had it’s challenges as people were really drunk and they had their pints etc…But in all it was actually pretty nice change to the usual places where I shoot.


The band is about to throw a record release show not only today, but tomorrow as well at Tavastia Klubi. Today is sold out already but I think there might be a ticket or two on sale for tomorrow, so just go! Don’t hesitate, just fuckin’ go! They’re on their game! It’s gonna be special shows there!

Until next time!

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