Bryan McPherson Live Tulliklubi, Tampere, 29.4.2015

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This gig came to me as bit of a surprise as in I wasn’t suppose to go anywhere this evening, but somehow I felt that I just have to go and during the day I dropped few emails here and there and was granted an access to the show.

I knew Louise Distras music from this evening bill and I knew the history behind Steve Ignorant, but I didn’t know anything about Bryan. And it was good in that way because of the impact that his music made live. It’s intense, it’ strong, it has strong emotional charge through social, and personal matters in it. The presence of emotion in the songs is just huge! It’s music for people who appreciate that there’s something more in than just chicks shaking their asses, ya know what I mean.

As I was there taking pictures my main goal was to try to capture the strong belief and feeling that was being delivered in his performance. As it was already to be know there wasn’t that much people there during those hours, it was Wednesday as well and it was raining wet snow. Not that good conditions for a successful show in Finland. But anyway the people who were there sure got a full load of music loaded with strong feelings and heavy social subjects!

His voice was strong and that voice with his strong messages and perfect stage presence filled that stage and sure caught everyone’s attention in full. (You can get an idea of what I am saying by watching this video here. Just listen to that voice!) And for what it’s worth in my opinion Bryan did took the venue in his control as he went through his set, you know, it really ain’t that easy to come and deliver your music into completely strange land full of completely strange people and the just spread your heart out with just yourself and a guitar on the stage in front of the people.

Bryan has a new record coming out and You should order it from here! I’ve been listening to it now for few days and it sure sounds good. There’s such great tunes on it as “Dark Hearts” “Hearts In Boxcars” and “Here We Go” just to name a few.

And then don’t forget to go and give his facebook page here!  and His official site can be found here here! Go and read what hi has to say.

And as you’re listening his music, watch the pics from below! It was really fun to shoot here. Last time I did a gig in Tulliklubi it was Get Dead playing on Club Sin festival. That set can be found in here




My old blog is still up and runnin’ too. There’s some cool kick ass photos from past concerts over there so spend your time wisely and go watch them!

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