Cheek Live at Riihimäki Rock, Riihimäki, 2.7.2016

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Aaaaand we’re back with another kick ass set from last summer!

This time we’ll dive into the set of this years festival headliner, Cheek. The hip hop phenomenon who has brought his career to that stage where he is able to bring such a big production to vast majority of the Finnish festival scene. During the summer I shot him twice and witnessed a two different variations of the set, with and without pyro effects. Both of them seemed to be delivering what the audience was waiting for.

So, the production is big in the usual scale of Finnish bands rolling through the festival summer and I like it. I like the fact that artists are challenging the normal setups to bring out bigger shows, putting more effort to the shows. Kinda like bringing it to the next level throughout all the logistic challenges in transferring it from venue to venue, building and deconstruction. And all the other aspects that normal festival visitor wouldn’t even be able to think of. So hats off to the whole crew for making it happen.

Shooting this was a rush. As You might know it’s always just a 3 songs that You have there in the photo pit and then you’re out and I think that after that I am in no way gonna be pushing myself back into the front row and that is because of 2 simple things. First, let the fans enjoy the show and second, my gear is worth a big pile of cash so I don’t really want any drunken festival goer to trash it. So, during the first three song you’re gonna have to do the best You can and that really isn’t much.

First you’re out to find the perfect settings for the shoot, aperture shutter speed, iso, all the base settings. And these vary from set to set. It depends on the lighting gear that is in use, and that guy that is doing the lights, position of the light etc. Lot’s of different things. Then you’re there’s the artists and other performers there on the stage and most of the times You just have to make a decision to focus on one or few as You shoot so that it wont be just brainless shooting without any compose etc. And for all this you have a bout 10 minutes and you’re out. And as it is a challenge every time, it’s always just as rewarding when You get those killer shots!

So here ya go! Our first set from Cheek!

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