Chisu Live at Riihimäki Rock, Riihimäki, 2.7.2016

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Time to kick off our super massive, almost gigantic set of blog posts with set from the summer! And what better way would there be to start it than to put out a killer set from Chisu!

My first time shooting her was on the ULS charity show over at the Olympic Stadium in 2015 and from that time on I had this urge to be able shoot her show. I really don’t know what it is that keeps me interested in her doings, but something very intriguing there is in her. The talent is somewhat excessive, I mean, like that there are people who are talented and all, but then there is that small minority who are over talented in every way. The music, their presence and performance are just something undeniably magnificent! I know that this is pretty much just superlatives all around but she deserves each and everyone of them!  The charisma that she has there on that stage is just mind blowing! Like she just comes and takes over the stage, no questions asked, just comes and delivers in such honest and true way that many of our artists in the field of popular culture should learn from her. The presence is astounding! Genuine artist.

It’s almost always fun to shoot in festivals. People are having fun, they’re in good spirits and even most of the times the weather is good as well. And all tho we had a bit of rain every here and there no cameras or photographers were harmed during the shoot! Chisu took the stage at 1545 so it was bright and clear, which was fine by me. The only negative thing was that the stage lights were a bit left out because of the sun. But on the other hand, big apertures and fast shutters were doing what i told them to do 🙂

Hope You enjoy watching our first installment from our summer shoots. It was really fun! We have lot’s other cool bands and performers coming along so remember to follow us on Facebook here and check back every once and awhile!


All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju