Deadforger Live at Nightclub Hugo, 2.6.2016, Hämeenlinna, Finland

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Deadforger is a groovy metal band haling from Hämeenlinna and this was the second time that I was shooting them. first time I shot them was in Wanaja Festival couple years ago so it was nice to catch them in a club environment this time.

They played a great set, just as one could have imagined. The band holds such talent that if the outcome would be different, something would be wrong. The environment fitted great to the atmosphere, but photographing was nearly impossible. The stage of the club is small, so only their drums fitted there and the rest of the guys were on the floor in front of the stage. So only lights were there behind the drummer. This meant that I really had to push my own equipment to the limit. Raising the ISO levels to maxim of 10240, shutterspeeds very low, like in 80 -125 and apertures running in 1.4 to 2.8 Tho I did some experiments in there as well, but maybe well get to them later.

So here’s what was shot from the Deadforger show


And remember to check them out! Official Facebook page can be found here and Instagram here

You can also find their new ep on all the streaming services!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju