Disco Ensemble Live Wanaja Festival, Hämeenlinna 17.72015

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What up fukkers?

Having the time of your lives? Well, if ya ain’t and life’s just a drag, then here’s at least a little escape from reality for ya!

Disco Ensemble, well, never really dig into their stuff before and actually this is the first time I’m listening to any of their records as I am writing this, so there’s not that much of knowledge here of them. But then again, this was one of the bands that I was eagerly excepting to see at the festival as I’ve somehow managed to build myself an image that they have pretty intense and active live shows. Dunno where that image comes, but my image pretty much matched what went on over at the stage.

As I don’t really know about the songs that much, I ain’t gonna go into the setlist or show that much. The only thing that I’m gonna say that they are worth checking out, if you haven’t seen them before. Seemed to bee darn good live band.


1. Spade Is The Anti-Heart
2. Drop Dead Casanova
3. Bad Luck Charm
4. We Might Fall Apart
5. So Long, Sisters
6. Second Soul
7. Magic Recoveries
8. Eartha Kitt
9. Black Euro

That’s for it, here’s the pics.

Felt that black and white went pretty well with this band. It just felt much better than coloured versions.


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