Estado Novo live Suisto Klubi, 17.4.2015

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Back on the 17th of April Estado Novo was opening the evening at our local Suisto Club. I came to the club a bit late, but still got the chance to catch all the bands. So Estado Novo opened the night, then it was time for Lihamylly and finally Roctum delivered the climax. It was nice to see that even from when Estado Novo started their set, there was already pretty much people in the club. And this is not to be taken lightly as usually in Hämeenlinna people don’t really go into clubs that early. So big up the the crowd on this one!

The music itself reminded me of classic rock bands, which was in fact very refreshing! Very straight forwarded, groovy and indeed, pure rock n’ roll in a way that not so many bands play it nowadays. And if You look the guys in the band and their merits in music it really ain’t no wonder that they are able to deliver music at this stage. Band consists such members as Hiili Hiilesmaa, Jukka Puurula, Teppo Haapasalo and Kalle Sundström so You pretty much know what quality music you’re getting.

Nothing new at photographing in Suisto. Kinda know the venues lights like my pockets already so it’s kinda easy to work in there. But I really dig the vibe in these pictures, both in pictorial presentation and vibe. Dig it!!!



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