Eppu Normaali live Wanaja Festival 17.7.2015

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I remember listening to Eppu Normaali back when I was a little kid in the middle of the eighties. Spinnin’ lot’s and lot’s of their earlier lp’s back then. Akenpop, Maximum Jee & Jee, Akun Tehdas and Tie Vie gathered lot’s of “airtime” on the turntable back then. Eput was one of the few bands that were played everywhere back then and maybe that for I kinda got bored with it during the years and I have to admit that since the release of Imperiumin Vastaisku I really have not listened to them almost at all…

I somehow anticipated for this show instantly when it was announced that they were to play at Wanaja Festival. Don’t know if it was some sort of nostalgia that entered my mind on that or what, but I was eager to see them play and shoot the show as well. Musically they were just as good as one could imagine. Years of touring and making music incarnated in such professional playing there on the stage that I am more that sure that the crowd left the venue more than satisfied.

Shooting this show was a bit of a mixed emotions as well. The lighting was a bit hard coming from top back of the stage straight into the photo pit, so not much to play around with. The first 2 songs were like that and then on the third song the lighting started to open up a bit. After the show I went home, imported the files from the memory card to the hard drive and then onto lightroom. And as I was watching them I felt kinda bummed. I was not satisfied at them at all. Frustrated would be the word that would describe the moment. So, at times I went back to them and did my normal ranking, deleting the unwanted pictures and sorting them out and then I just left them there. And then in January, after about six months from the actual show (Yeah, I actually started writing this at that same time too, six months ago), I went back to them and kinda found myself really diggin’ them. I found the correct settings, lightspots, deployments and all. And they turned out pretty well. It kinda made me realize that at times You just have to take your time and let the creativity to flow to get the right outcome.

anyway, here’s what was captured from this show. Enjoy!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju