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Finally had the time to bring You some sight for yer sore eyes, so here it is! Finntroll taking over Tavastia couple weeks back!

The union tour had come to it’s end this time and it was time to play that one last show and where else would you end a tour in Finland if not in Tavastia? I mean, there are lot’s of kick ass venues in Finland, but Tavastia is like the crown jewel of them all. It is “the” venue that everyone wants to play. No doubt about it.

On Finntrolls part this was part of the Nattfödd 10th anniversary tour as well. Congratulations about that! It’s always nice to see band doing long careers and still being able to enjoy what they do. But let’s not get sentimental now and focus on the show, shall we?

So, Finntroll… They sing mostly in Swedish, on which I don’t understand a word, their music is a mixture of folk and metal, not your average combination in the scene. For me it’s always pretty difficult to listen to music on which I don’t understand the lyrics at all so that might be the reason Finntroll in itself has gone a bit off on me. I think this was pretty much my first time hearing their music this much and albeit I didn’t understand the lyrics, the music itself sounded pretty tight and it seemed that they had fun there on the stage.

The house was packed with people not like me in that manner, as it seemed that they understood what was being sung or at least I think so since they were singing along with such sentiment!! The crowd was really enjoying the show, singing along and even moshpits were happening! Good times!

Photography wise it was kinda difficult at times. The show was pretty dark in general and there was very little front stage lights available, which are pretty essential for photographs. And we all know what that means, don’t we? Low light, more noise, less sharpness. But in no way was this a terrible show to shoot. There was light more than what I am got used to, so I did manage. But in all I think I could have done better with just a bit more of those front stage lights.

I had a brand new Olympus OM-D E5-M Mark II with me this night as well and I did some shooting with it as well. And as I received that camera like the day before the shoot, it was really just goofing around with it. Getting to know it, seeing how it managers different ISO’s etc. in this kinda environment. With this one lens that I have for it, it was pretty useless unless you were shooting just in front of the stage. Maybe with a better lens it would show it’s true self more. I still liked the picture quality whit those shots taken in front of the stage. They were sharp, not too noisy and the focusing, it was fast! Even there in the dark! It will definitely will be with me on future shows if possible.

So, here’s the pictures then. Hope You enjoy what you see! And remember! Go to the shows! See the bands live!

Setlist for the evenign was:

01. Vindfärd
02. Människopesten
03. Eliytres
04. Fiskarens fiende
05. Trollhammaren
06. Nattfödd
07. Ursvamp
08. Marknadsvisan
09. Det iskalla trollblodet
10. Grottans barn (Tapio Wilska)
11. Blodsvept
12. Mordminnen
13. Solsagan
14. Intro (Midnattens Widunder)
15. Svartberg
16. När Jättar Marschera
17. Nedgång
18. Jaktens tid
19. Under bergets rot
20. Rök

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