Haloo Helsinki live Wanaja Festival, Hämeenlinna 18.7.2015

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Hello world!

We’re back! No posts in the last few weeks since I’ve been quite busy all week long! My first born son turned eight and as kids always comes first we had almost a week long parrrrrty 🙂 Ha! But now we’re back with yet another kick ass post from last summer’s Wanaja Festival!

So, as I went through these photos selecting the ones that I like and finalizing them to this post I started thinking of about what to write in this as well. And as I dig deeper into the pictures and the band there was just one word that was constantly associated with the band on my mind. And that word is positivity.

That world associates really strong with Haloo Helsinki in my head, and i mean like really, really strong. Whether you listen to their songs, read their interviews, social media posts or just look at the band, the positive vibe is just overwhelmingly strong. And that positivity thing is what we would definitely need more in this world to replace all the hatred, envy and negativity. And as the world is really fucked up and drowning in it’s own destruction, it shows lots of courage and strength to take the opposite way and be positive, encourage to others take the higher road too and be positive and love each other.

Shooting this was just as fun as it always is. And as we weren’t allowed to be in the pit, which was pretty self-explanatory with that much pyro, we had the opportunity to shoot from the sound/light board. That worked out pretty well this time and I think I got the band with the visual elements in pretty good balance.

Whatcha think?

So there ya go! Hope You enjoy them. Lot’s of pyro, huh?!? The crowd was nuts, there was so many people there. Good positive vibes all around!

Just noticed that I have yet to release last years photos of Haloo Helsinki from Wanaja Festival as well. We’ll see what we have in store there 😉

Take care, all of You!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju