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Him and Helldone is a tradition that’s been happening for over ten years already, but You all knew that, didn’t Ya? Yeah, I thought so… I’ve been to Helldone 4 or 5 times to say the least and if we count all the other occasions that I’ve seen them live to that as well, i’ve probably seen them about 10 to 14 times. Before this night the best show i’ve seen from them was in 18.10.2003 in Senssi Klubi, Tampere. That show was pure brilliance in all! The venue was great, band was on fire, pitch perfect sound and so on…. And about 12 years after that show they manage to top that show as what we witnessed this evening was just breathtaking!

There’s like, only one show that just was a bit below the normal quality that the band delivers and that was the 2013 first night of Helldone. But then again in other hand, that night proved that there is rock n’ roll still living there somewhere as Rn’R weren’t supposed to be neat, safe or fun every fuckin’ time. There needs to be faults, there needs to be blunder and so on… There needs to be fuck up’s, cause that’s life, that is Rock N’ Roll, it’s humane!

The band had fun at the stage. Just smiling, joking around and foremost, playing their hearts out! They sounded, and played tightly. The rhythm section was on fire! Feeding their play on each other. And not to be disrespectful towards anyone, but it seemed that Kosmo really did give the band some pretty good kick in the ass!! And Linde, well, he was on top of his game as usual and Ville was just simply awesome this evening. His voice was healthy and sounded just like it should. No complaints on whatsoever!

Then, there’s me… And the rest of the 12 photographers there… in that 30cm deep photopit… Get the idea? Good! Not that much to play around in there. And then there is lights, oh lights indeed there is, but there really isn’t any front of the stage neutral lights. Which are kinda important when you’re trying to get the best of it. Those lights really affects so many factors on shooting that there should be a post of their own about it.

So the circumstances weren’t that favorable for me, but yet I think there’s some pretty wickedly kick ass photos below! What ya think? What is Your favorite?

Here’s the setlist of the evening.

01. Buried Alive By Love
02. Poison Girl
03. The Kiss of Dawn
04. Pretending
05. Into the Night
06. Killing Loneliness
07. Your Sweet Six Six Six
08. Join Me in Death
09. Bleed Well
10. In Joy and Sorrow
11. The Sacrament
12. Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly
13. Wicked Game
14. Heartkiller
15. Heartache Every Moment
16. Right Here in My Arms
17. The Funeral of Hearts
18. When Love and Death Embrace
19. Rebel Yell

So there ya have it, HIM proved to be on top of their game again and really left a hunger for more. Hope that there’s gonna be a new record soon! As a personal desire I am hoping something really rockin’, in the style of Venus Doom and Love Metal, as those are my favorite albums to date.

That’s all, Folks! Hopefully we’ll see You again at the next Helldone festival!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju