Heavy Tiger live Pakkahuone, Tampere, 11.12.2015

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Ho Ho Ho Fukkers! Happy new year etc… We’re here again!

Not much rest for the wicked, even during the holidays! I’ve been quite busy going thru the last sets of the year and there’s some pretty dope sets coming along in the forthcoming weeks as few details get cleared first. But as we’re here already, why not put out this kick ass set of our rock n’ roll ladies from Sweden! So without further due…. Ladies and Gent’s! Here’s Heavy Tiger

First, Rock n’ Roll is living and it’s doing well. Whenever and wherever there are bands just as hungry and volatile as Heavy Tiger, Rock N’ Roll ain’t got no danger on dying. Straight forwarded, honest and simple rock n’ roll delivered with an attitude is what You get with these girls. I really honestly suggest that if You have the chance, go and see them play live! The energy is astounding! When ya see band that has this much fun on stage, there just ain’t no possibility on that You’ll leave the show unsatisfied!

Photographing is always ok in Pakkahuone. It is a big stage and dark venue in all, but it usually has good lightning equipment etc. Too bad that the lightning dude didn’t give that much front of the stage lights to the girls this time. This was rather small, but yet a bit disappointing thing when considering it photography wise. Anyhow, here’s what was shot!

We’ve got some real killer shots of the girls! Check out that energy!

Setlist of the show

  1. Saigon Kiss
  2. Chinatown
  3. Mover
  4. Superstar
  5. Lil Sis
  6. Heavy Tiger
  7. Jemma
  8. Tallahassee Lassie
  9. Livin Lovin
  10. Highway
  11. Girls Got Balls
  12. Tonight

Check them out at Apple Music here or buy straight from their official shop here And don’t forget to check out their official facebook page here and official instagram here

That’s all, Folks! See ya again in few!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju