JVG Live at Wanaja Festival, Hämeenlinna, 23.7.2016

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Ok so it’s time for another Hip Hop set from the summer and this time it’s those two fellas widely known with the name JVG taking the stage at Wanaja Festival, Hämeenlinna

I’ve shot them for like 3 years in a row and it has been kinda cool to watch them evolve. The energy that has been flowing during their sets is rather overwhelming. Each and every time I’ve seen them perform, they have been there with a smile on their face and as one might know the touring life can be very wearing at times and show in various ways there really hasn’t been anything to complain about. The crowd always leave with a smile on their faces and it’s been cool to see the crowd getting bigger each and every time.. But if there’s that one thing that i’d like them to do is to bring out bigger stage sets, maybe even perform with a band and set the bar a step higher. And I know that that might not be let’s say a the first choice, but why the hell not? I really think that they are in such position that they could do just as they wish. That’d be cool!

But anyhow, enough of my opinions n’ thoughts. Let’s get into the pictures. Shooting was cool, good weather and premises. Everything worked so well here at Wanaja Festival on my behalf that it really deserves a special mention how good it was! Band had fun, crowd was stoked so I think that those ingredients bring out some pretty dope setup!


So that’s about it this time. We’ll get back next week some more hip hop oriented set, but let’s keep it in the dark on what’s it gonna be! So be sure to come back, follow us on facebook and so on so You won’t miss out on anything spectacular! There’s always different set’s on Facebook and here! So it’s worth it!

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