JVG Live At Kesäloma Express, Hämeenlinna, 30.05.2015

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Let’s start with the fact that I like hip hop. Especially old school hip hop. There was a period in my life that that was over all filled with hip hip, the glamorization of the lifestyle and all. But it was different from what it is now. It wasn’t any bling, hell, it was the streets, that dope gangsta shit! It all started with N.W.A & The posse, straight outta compton, 2 Live Crew and their nasty as they wanna be, and some others. So that is basically my foundation of hip hop, where I think my influences on this matter was built. At later days came House Of Pain, Cypress Hill, Public Enemy and so on…

The need for this prelude is to understand my opinion the state of hip hop now. Nowadays most of it sounds like a motherfuckin’ Italo disco, You know, that type of music that Sabrina did back in the nineties. I ain’t no professional but that just pretty much sums it up. It’s more club music now, polished, over produced and really doesn’t have anything to do with that hip hop that I reckon. Or neither brings any spirit with it. And this is where most of these new Finnish hip hop bands and collectives drop into. There really aren’t that many that take the opportunity to differ.

For me JVG is kinda somewhere there in the line, somewhere in the middle in that grey area. They ain’t the worst, but they ain’t the best either. I’ve been kinda forced to listen to their songs for a bit as my kids tend to listen to them sometimes so my opinion doesn’t come in from just few listens every here and there. But I can even deal with it at times. And I must admit that I really respect what they have done stickin’ into their own things, own style. Putting up their own record company and all. That diy attitude is really admirable nowadays!

To be honest, I must admit that I had major prejudice before the show. I was already settled for that 30 second song clips from their hits end with either fog horn or bomb effect sample. But whatnot was delivered! The DJ even had real turntables there! Shit! Old School real turntables! Remember these strange things that spin there mystic pieces of vinyl that have sounds on them! That was my first remark on the show. The second was that no background tape on the actual rapping wasn’t being used, which was cool too! And then third, the songs were played complete, I believe. Or at least it just wasn’t the hook part but even the verses were done.

I think this show kinda raised the bar of the mainstream Finnish hip hop? What ya think?

But hey, we’re here for the pics, right? The event itself was free to all end of school party so lot’s of kids around. But I managed to get some great shots as there was lot’s of light and all. Which led me to use pretty big apertures, that was indeed very nice to be using apertures like 5.6 or even 8, hell even 10! Enjoyed shooting!

So, here they are!

And by the way, there’s an article about the event here in Ilta-Lehti. Features on of the pics by yours truly!

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