L.A. Guns Live at Nightclub Hugo, 2.6.2016, Hämeenlinna, Finland

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A Thursday evening, Hämeenlinna and L.A. Guns… Now how possible combination that really is? I would have given rather small odds on combination like that couple years back, but now we’ve seen even that! Which is cool that this town may seem to be given out sort of life signs after all..

So, L.A. Guns… Straight from the motherfuckin U.S. of A did threw a pretty extensive world tour on which Finland, should I say, had their own “leg” as there was total of four shows in here. In total they have been here seven times. This being their first time here in Hämeenlinna

The venue, Nightclub Hugo, is rather exotic place for putting up shows, but never the less, it seems to work. But let’s face it, it could be better with some renovation. And it could be superb! The space is big, rather low, but big, which could be an advantage on throwing some serious gigs! A bit bigger stage (now this is what would have been much better with L.A. Guns as well), a bit brighter interior to make the space feel a bit more bigger etc.. just to name a few thing that would bring it to next level. That 90’s ferry feeling doesn’t really deliver “it” nowadays..

I don’t really know what to say about the band as I’ve never seen them before. They played well, sounds were good and all, the energy was there and the crows enjoyed the set. So everything seemed to be just in place…. But what about the lighting, damn those could have been so much better! It would have been so cool get some real killer shots of them! But there was only one led setup on each side of the stage, no front of stage lights at all… Photography-wise this was a rather big let down. Thankfully my Canon EOS 6D does work well with low light conditions and with high iso settings so I managed to get a set full of kick ass shots in end. So here ya go! L.A. Guns!


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