Lopunajan mies live Suistoklubi, Hämeenlinna, 20.2.2016

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About time we’d get to kick out the rock n roll in here! And what possible better way could there be than Lopunajan Mies! live from the local Suistoklubi. Man, this band kicks some serious ass! I really cannot hype them enough!

I’ve been following their career starting from about 2013 and since then i’ve shot them three times and seen them live even couple more times. The lineup has had it’s changes throughout the years and now I think that the band is in very native and natural state where it has every chance on developing their own path.

There’s just something wicked in that band. The groove, the blues, the rock n’ roll just has that something in it. It’s as the band is not performing but rather delivering the music through them on a possession of some mystic spirit.

Here’s the pictures from the rituals! Too bad I didn’t catch the setlist info.

You should really see them live. I know that these pictures are good, but they do no justice for the intimate passion that they deliver. The tension… just go and see them! And go follow them at their official Facebook page here and check out their new video from here

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju