Lapko Live at Suisto Klubi, Hämeenlinna 20.03.2015

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I don’t really reckon the moment where and when I saw some advertisement displaying that LAPKO has a new album coming out and that they will be playing here in Suisto Klubi, Hämeenlinna.

Every now and then I get some strange intuition on album covers that somehow raise my level of interest on the album behind the art and tells me to listen to it. So that was just exactly what happened here with LAPKO’s “Freedom”

I then decided to take “Freedom” out of a spin in an unnamed digital streaming service during work days at the office. And on that very second “Geeky Moron” started with the line “Hello World, what can You offer? What can You offer me today?” I was kinda hooked. So the album played on my speakers during the week more and more.

As my week went along I spent even more time listening to it and the more I got into the albums atmosphere I found myself listening to it even more and more, from start to finish. And as I am a huge fan of Placebo, I must say that I can sure hear the influences here and there on this album. For me it kinda has the same energetic feel as does Placebos self titled album. That feel that usually the first albums have, the energy, the hunger for more!

So I decided that this was something that I must see and capture and as the band was coming to play in here,  so I dug deep into the internet and contacted the band to see if they would let me come and shoot pics. Things worked out nice and smooth and I must say that it was very easy and nice to work with them. Over all positive vibe and Mr.Malja is such a “feet in the ground” type of guy. I was left with a very positive vibe in all and hope to work with them more in the future.

Then the show. It was energetic climax from both parts, the band and the audience. And all tho they played lot’s of new songs it was nice to see so many people already singing along and dancing to these new songs just as much as they were on the older songs. From photographers view, it was really nice show to shoot. It makes more sense shooting bands that have a strong relationships with their songs and really play them out on the stage with huge emotion load, kinda seems like the emotions that the songs have, flow thru from the artist to the audience.

Setlist of the evening:

Run Boy Run
Bad Boy
Geeky Moron
Black Corridor
Rave In Piece
Killer Whales
All The Best Girls
Bug Chaser
River Venom
Death Grip
Brave Hands
Horse & Crow
Money For Nothing
I Shot The Sherif
Friends Are Flowers

and then the pictures.

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju