I don’t even kill – Lapko live at Yo-Talo, Tampere 22.8.2015

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Nothing more and nothing less, but the best live band in Finland at the time!

Agree? Please, continue. Disagree? Go and see them live, and you’ll agree, then come back and read on.

This was once again  “A spur of the moment” kinda thing, which turned out to be very successful spur of the moment. The band was on fire, the energy was tangible. People were dancing, having fun and enjoying the band and themselves. I think that one of the greatest purpose of a live show is to offer the crowd a temporary exit from their ordinary life. That little time to put everything else aside and just be in that moment. Feel and live the music, gather the energy and vibe.

There we’re couple young girls there in front of the stage and it really brought a smile on to my face as I watched them just let it go. They danced, they laughed, they were that textbook examples of what it should be. They were one with the moment, one with the music.

The last time I have shot in Yo-talo was sometime in 2000, I think. Fuck! That’s like 15 years ago! Back then it was Paleface taking the stage and no digital cameras, pure analog!

I really enjoyed the lights here as they were not made up with led’s. The light was soft, full of tones, made with real lights and colour foils. Very pleasant to shoot!

Visual orgasm starts below!

The list of songs that were played:

01. Brave Hands
02. All the Best Girls
03. Geeky Moron
04. Rave In Peace
05. Killer Whales
06. Run Boy Run
07. Grab the Stick
08. River Venom
09. Death Grip
10. Bug Chaser
11. Horse & Crow
12. Money For Nothing
13. I Shot the Sheriff
14. Friends Are Flowers

That’s it for now, take care and love each other! And remember kids, music is the weapon!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju



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