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Well well well, here we are again with another stunning set from last summer! But first, let me take a moment and thank You all for coming here and reading my bad English and watch my great photos! Last month, there was an astounding amount of almost 3500 visitors! That is hell of a lot more than I could have ever expected as I never intended publish and write these for nothing but my own waste of time. So, a big humble thank you to each and every one of you there! And thank You to the bands, promoters, managers, each and everyone of you that somehow are in contact with what I do!

Leningrad Cowboys, what can I say? Probably one of the most original and unique groups that have ever emerged from Finland. When I saw the line up of this years Wanaja Festival and noticed that they were on the bill, I was kinda hyped because of the visual aspects that they have in their shows. And visual they were! The show was more than entertaining and people were enjoying themselves even as it was raining, just like it does on a Finnish summer night, ya know what I’m talkin’ about….

Let’s jump onto the actual photography, shall we. It was already dark, of which I thought that would be cool in the matter of stage lights. Oh boy how wrong I was. Almost no front of the stage lights, basically just blue lights on the stage, or red and we all know what that means, those static leds… Rather limited dynamics, loss of other colours and badly burnt out spots every here and there. So it was not that simple and easy shoot after all. And the rain didn’t really help. But for what it’s worth I think there’s some cool ones in this as well, just a bit more limited on creative side, but still yet pictorial and entertaining. Think ya’ll get the vibe that was there on that date!

Have a Vodka and давай глядеть фото

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