Lihamylly Live Suisto Klubi, Hämeenlinna 17.4.2015

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Aight! here we go again! New week, new photos. This time we have band called Lihamylly in front of the lens.

I don’t really have much to say about ’em since I didn’t even know their existence before this show, and that was really no surprise as it was their début show and all. I don’t really know, or like, sub genres, or genres in that matter at all, so I’ll just say that they played metal and as I am in no position say whether they are good or bad, i’ll leave that decision to You. I just take the picture here 🙂 But in my opinion think they played well and sounded cool too, tho I must say that I don’t mind that much about that growling singing style. I’m more into clean vocals, or to at least make sense of the lyrics. But anyway, something for everyone! Go find out yourself if You like this or not, their official Facebook page can be found here There’s even few videos from their show to see there!

About the pictures.

Suisto Klubi has good lights and as I have been shooting there a lot, so I know how they work and all. It’s kinda easy venue for me to shoot in nowadays. So nothing earth shaking there, but I really liked what I captured this evening. There’s lots of emotion there in these shots I think. Lots of anger and frustration. Lot’s of youthful energy that new bands have when their playing their hearts out on the stage!

My old blog is still up and runnin’ too. There’s some cool kick ass photos over there too so spend your time wisely and see them!

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