Lordi live at Ravintola Circus, Hämeenlinna 28.4.2006

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This time we’ll take a huge time hop and go back into 2006. Back into the time when I had just got my first dslr, which was Canon EOS 350D!  Back when I started to get into shooting shows. It was easy back then, get your ticket and walk in with your gear. At least it worked that way for me back then.

This was part of the 2006 “Bringing back the balls to Finland Tour” of which was part of the “Bringing back the balls to Europe Tour” consisting total of 61 dates throughout Europe.

If I remember correctly this was very hyped and anticipated tour back then. With all the pyros, smokebombs and other visual aspects the show and tour was something that were done never before by a native Finnish band. And I must admit that it was done pretty well back then considering the basis back then.

Photography wise I was very positively surprised when I found these the other day. I can confess that I didn’t know jack shit about photography back then! I was such a beginner, but yet there’s still some very good ones there as well! Take a look and let me know what ya think!

Setlist of the show:

01. SCG3 Special Report
02. Bringing Back the Balls to Rock
03. Get Heavy
04. The Kids Who Wanna Play with the Dead
05. Pet the Destroyer
06. My Heaven Is Your Hell
07. It Snows in Hell
08. Fire in the Hole
09. Dynamite Tonite
10. Hard Rock Hallelujah
11. Blood Red Sandman
12. Who’s Your Daddy?
13. Devil Is a Loser
14. Supermonstars (The Anthem of the Phantoms)
15. Good to Be Bad
16. Would You Love a Monsterman?

They’ll be doing a special show “The Arockalypse 2006 Redux Show” at this years Tuska Festival, so don’t hesitate on going! It’s gonna be an eterntaining show, that is for sure!

That’s all Folks! Remember to take care on each other! Peace! See you at the shows!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju