Louise Distras Live Tulliklubi, Tampere, 29.4.2015

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I discovered Louise Distras last summer as she was doing couple shows here in Finland and Mr. Jones was attending to a show and shared that event on Facebook. I somehow got an intuition that this must sound cool and thought i’d do a search over at the internet on her. At first I didn’t found that much but there were some tunes available and listened what I could find and I was stunned on what I just had found. And as it was already late for me to see her perform on that tour it kinda stuck on the back of my head that I have to see her perform at some point.

So when it was announced that She was doing another tour in here I just couldn’t resist on going there. And as a nice coincident Pirates Press Records were doing vinyl pressing of her debut album, so I finally was gonna get her  as well. And as I am writing this, those nice delivery boys just delivered this album to me. This one is on the hot pink colored vinyl. The lp is available in Hot Pink, White and Black vinyl and the pressings are limited and on 45rpm of cource! So go get yourself one!

Bryan McPherson, Louise Distras and Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life on the bill that night, Louise being the only one I had heard before. I was more than excited to be there taking pictures and doing my things with such great line up. Gonna do own posts for every artists, so fear not, we have pictures coming from those gigs too!

Here’s the pictures from Louises set. It was really intense, energetic and pure set which went really hand in hand the type of music she does. I’m pretty sure that each and everyone who was there was satisfied on her performance and She seemed to enjoy it very much herself as well.

If you like music that really has something to say, stories to tell and statement to make, this one’s for you!

For tour dates, music and general news etc, go and see her site Here

Official Facebook here Go and follow her achievements over there

Photography wise this was a nice one and I really enjoyed shooting this night. The lights were perfect for this kind of evening and granted me some space to move around on iso’s, aperture and shutter speed. It was really nice!

My old blog is still up and runnin’ too. There’s some cool kick ass photos over there too so spend your time wisely and see them!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju