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So it’s been quite some time since the last time I shot a show from these fine rock n’ roll lads. The last time was in November 2015 but it felt like it was only yesterday when I got there in venue. The maneuvers, the moves, that punk bass slaps, all were there. And it was just as fun as one could have imagined! This was my sixth time I shot the band, mostly at smaller clubs, few festivals and now finally at a bigger stage which I think suited the band very well. Michael tends to go around the stage more than a hurricane so the more space there is the better. And the stage charisma is definitely there, like that’s the special ingredient that really needs to be there to get a hold of a venue this big, and this is what surely happened here.

I think the venue can take up to 900 people crowd and not much were left out so that they could have marked it as sold out. Never the less, the show was just as energetic, fun and full of rock n’ roll as it always is. The boys seemed to have a lot of fun there on the stage and they’re always fun to shoot as they’re giving their best there. I’ve always admired Sami and the way he plays the bass. That punk rock style that is in the way he plays just brings it and I really don’t know what the exact thing it is that gives me chills, but somehow it reminds me of all those real old school punk shows and the feeling that you can feel when your watching a player who loves to play. Like it’s something spontaneous that cannot be act.

Rich was on spot as well, he was all smiles and having fun with Sami all night long. Goofin’ around. Just as cool as Mr. Conte on the other side of the stage with his sg’s. I don’t really understand much about them geetars or so, but yet again I like the way Steve plays and that classic rock n’ roll vibe he has in the way he plays. Steve was really interacting much with the audience, i think, and it was fun to watch him smiling and rockin n’ rollin 🙂

On of the downsides of the venue is that there aren’t a solid lighting rig and most of the shows that I’ve shot the drummer is almost completely in the dark there. And this time was no exception to this, so not much to say about Mr.Rockfist than he was just as solid as he is. Still out to get that killer shot from him someday….

Now, the photographs..

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So there you have it, punks! See ya again soon! Either here or in kaaoszine!

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