Michael Monroe Live Riihimäki Rock, Riihimäki, 27.6.2015

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Rock like fuck! As Michael Monroe usually states.

Rockin’ was on the bill this time as well as The Monroes were to take the stage over at Riihimäki Rock.

And as one can imagine, no holds were barred on their show. Full blown, in your face, rock n’ roll mayhem started as Fanfara was served as an openin song and the band took the stage.

Setlist didn’t bring any surprises to the table, compared to the las show I saw from them opening for Slash. The band really knows what they are doin’ and bring a great, solid rock show all the way. Even some technical difficulties didn’t bring the intensity down!

Ok, so this is turning into superlatives and praises all the way, but I just really can’t find any negative to say about them. I’ve seen them live numerous times and not once have I been let down, not once!

A little something from the shooting this show. This was basic mid size festival stage with small runway in the middle so I had good access to the front of the stage during the three first songs. Light’s were good and they were done even better. Natural light was cool to have as well. My 70-200 L IS USM Canon ain’t the sharpest lens on 2.8 so with more light i can go to apertures like 5.6 – 11 which bring way more sharper photos. The crowd were on a small downhill so there was an opportunity to take some pretty nice shots from the audience as well. So, in all, I was more than satisfied shooting there!

And a big thank you to the festival organization. I felt more than welcomed!

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