Michael Monroe Live Pakkahuone, Tampere 11.12.2015

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Michael Monroe, what can I say? The man is a living legend, rock n’ roll’s best kept secret, as the man himself once said. I’ve witnessed so many shows from the man that I’ve lost count during the years. But not once have I been completely let down after the show. I mean, yeah there has been shows not that good as the others but again, we’re all just people here and simply cannot hit the bulls eye every time. And on this occasion that means more or less a higher quality show than what many other artists can deliver even at their best.

The thing in this occasion is that I think that the appreciation between the artist and the crowd is so high that the band actually cannot deliver totally fucked up show..

but then again, back to this show…. Which was something else.. The band was really on “it” They were tight, rockin’, relaxed and seemed to enjoy playing the rock out of the songs. Smiles were exchanged in on the stage between the band and off from the stage to the crowd. Pakkahuone was one happy rockin’ family on a rock n’ roll trip that night.

Mr. Todd Kerns on the geetar filling for Mr. Conte this time who was at home welcoming his new born son to the family! Congrats to Steve! And as much as I like Steve’s playing, it was nice to see Todd there as well. He did hell of a job at the stage and was seemingly fulfilling his dream of playing with one of his childhood heroes. Good times! The dude really has some free rnr spirit with him! Check him out wherever possible!

I really enjoyed the setlist and the new songs kinda were, in my opinion brought to live as played live. I don’t know what it is, but I just kinda need to hear them live before they get to me, been that way with the earlier records as well.

Shooting was fun as always, nothing special to mention about it except that finally I managed to snag couple of real cool shots from Mr.Yaffa and Mr.Jones. The usually have been on the darker, or lightning wise troubled side of the stage, but na-ah, not this time! Just check these out below and lemme know whatcha think! I really like the way they both play. Their essence on the stage lives and breathes rock n’ roll the way as it would supposed to be. And the punk rock way that Sami plays his Bass…. man! Ain’t that something!

And oh, the setlist!

  1. This Ain’t No Love Song
  2. Old Kings Road
  3. The Bastards Bash
  4. Ballad of the Lower East Side
  5. ’78
  6. Man With No Eyes
  7. Horns And Halos
  8. R.L.F.
  9. Keep Your Eyes On You
  10. Under The Northern Lights
  11. Hammersmith Palais
  12. Blackout States
  13. Got Blood?
  14. Goin’ Down With the Ship
  15. Tragedy
  16. Oriental Beat
  17. Up Around the Bend
  18. Drum Jam (Mike on drums)
  19. Dead, Jail or Rock N’ Roll
  20. Good Old Bad Days
  21. Nothin’s Alright
  22. Malibu Beach Nightmare

That’s all, Folks! we’ll shoot again!

Long live rock n’ roll!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju