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Another week, another new post! Been waiting for this? Huh?

Well, here it is! First set from Wanaja Festival couple week back.

It was fun, as it always is there. Really enjoyed shooting, weather was mainly good, bands were excellent and so on! Be there next year!

So, Mokoma is to start our extravaganza thru the cavalcade of 19 bands in total that I shot during those 2 days.

I’ve known the band for quite some time from the music media, but never really took my time to listen to it or get more in to it so there’s not much to say about how good the they were during the show in that way, and I think that’s not much my agenda in this blog at all, as I am no critic. In my opinion, they played well and all the bits and pieces from every here and there I managed to listen, the music sounded ok.

But what matters the most is that eventually the crowd really liked the band and their set. They were really into the show with the band singing along and bangin heads and fists, so I think those are good signs for a show?

Photographing was pretty easy as there was lot’s of lights and not that much photographers in the pit, which is usually a positive thing. Leaves You with more space to move and concentrate on the shooting itself rather than being on your toes dodging through other photographers.

There was pretty heavy rain at times, but eventually my gear still works! Ha! Canon does make some kick ass equipment!


There You go, some thrash metal for your sore eyes. Hope ya like it?

Much more new cool sets coming! Might even drop some pretty wicked surprises along the way!

My old blog is still up and runnin’ too. There’s some cool kick ass photos over there too so spend your time wisely and see them!

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