Neljä Ruusua Live Riihimäki Rock, Riihimäki, 27.6.2015

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Hello, hello!

After a pretty hectic and busy last weekend on set with Wanaja Festival We’re now back with another fine post from Riihimäki Rock.

This one was a bit nostalgic as I remember listening to Neljä Ruusua back when they released Haloo back in 1992. And it’s been quite some time since those days…. And to be honest, I haven’t been listening to that since then, but it was still nice to see that I remembered those songs almost perfectly! Ha!

So after the show I did some digging’ thru internet and discovered that they’ve done huge amount of records since then! This was a complete surprise to me. Maybe i’ll take time and see how do they sound some day when I have some spare time.

Here’s the pics from the show.

Next time we’ll dig deep into the festivities of Wanaja Festival 2015! There is some pretty wicked photos coming up, i’ll guarantee You that! So remember to check back next week!

My old blog is still up and runnin’ too. There’s some cool kick ass photos over there too so spend your time wisely and see them!

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