Olavi Uusivirta Live Wanaja Festival, Hämeenlinna, 18.7.2015

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Aaaaaaaaaand we’re back again!

As we’re still far away from summer it’s more than welcome to take a moment and look back to last summer.

I remember reading some interviews or articles from Olavi and especially his live shows so I kinda knew what I was waiting for.. And in all it was very entertaining to shoot, all tho it was a bit challenging at times when he was storming from one side of the stage to another while ripping that microphone cable as he went. Maybe even a bit manically at times? But the tension and the music was tangible and You could really “feel” the music. The vibe that was flowing from the stage was phenomenal! The band really knew how to perform and take the stage, the stage charisma was definitely there. It’s always fun to shoot when You can really see the artists give out his 110% there throughout the set. Really “living and breathing” his music there on the stage. I think that we can all agree that these factors I just mentioned were fulfilled more than laudably!

That’s all Folks! Remember to take care on each other! Peace! See you at the shows!

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