Popeda Live Riihimäki Rock, Riihimäki, 27.6.2015

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Another treat from that kick ass Riihimäki Rock Festival coming your way!

Popeda, those solid rock n’ roll boys from the mighty Tampere delivered just what the people ordered. Straight, solid, Finnish rock n’ roll. Nothing more, nothing less. And all thought this is not that much my kind of music it was fun to shoot and watch the show. The band and audience had pretty intense interaction between them during the show and seemed that both parties were really enjoying the show with open hearts! And as Popeda has been around for ages they sure know how to deliver what they got. As far as I can say they sure have charisma and experience in the at 100 percent.

Photographing them was fun as both parties were enjoying their stay. That always helps our jobs as photographers when the bands and the crowds are enjoying, energies are going from the band to the crowd and vice versa. More on the shooting itself can be found on my earlier post that I did from Michael Monroe band from the same festival. Check it out here if You wish to read more about the actual shooting.

Check out the pics to see what I mean

Setlist of the evening was:

1. Maamme (Intro)
2. Palle and the Boys
3. Matkalla Alabamaan
4. Onhan päivä vielä huomennakin
5. Mää ja Tapparan mies
6. Tahdotko mut tosiaan
7. Eläinten vallankumous
8. Elän itselleni
9. Kellot lyö
10. Repe ja Lissu (rummuissa Jimi Hautamäki)
11. Kakskytä centtiä
12. Sukset (vaikeata tämä hiihtäminen)
13. Kaasua, komisaario Peppone
14. Kuuma kesä

Now I’m off to shoot some more! See Ya!

My old blog is still up and runnin’ too. There’s some cool kick ass photos over there too so spend your time wisely and see them!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju