Rikoslaki Live Ämyrock 27.6.2015

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Time to bring ya some kick ass photoset again!

Rikoslaki, those nice punk fellows took the stage at Ämyrock and due to all of my rush during the day I almost missed it, but gladly made it in the end! Phew! Shit was worth it you know, there were smoke bombs, there were sexual content, there was a show! Show that was build upon songs and not the other way around. It was tight, fast and the crowd went ballistic about it!

You should see them live really, you should! And you should buy their new ep titled “Ajo On Hurjaa”. And tho it’s put on cd there really ain’t no other option than the 7″ vinyl which is the one and only true format. And oh yeah, it’s produced by the one and only Mr. Rane Raitsikka from the Atomirotta fame, of which we have a killer set coming in few weeks…

This was rather easy to shoot. It was daylight, partly cloudy, so camera settings were more than optimal, nothing special about that.

But hey, now, put on your gas mask, leather jacket and your helmet since there’s punk rock coming your way, fucker!

There’s couple cool videos from the new ep available. Check them out at their Youtube here

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