Sanni Live at Wanaja Festival, Hämeenlinna, 22.7.2016

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It’s been quite sometime since my last post and the reason for that is my lack of spare time and in some weird way a lack of motivation for writing. I’ve been strugling to find the the time and the motivation for sometime now, but today just seconds ago I kinda felt the need to come back to this and put out some pictures. So here we are!

Now that I’m back on it again, we’re back with some female energy on the stage. Musically not so much my cup of tea, but never the less, I liked the energy there. Crowd was intense as festival crowd can be and the Artist delivered a solid energetic show so the ingredients were there.

Photography wise I felt a bit bummed after the show as I quickly glanced through the photos from the back of my camera. Those blue lights, man, they are the poison and the root of all evil. At least when the lighting is fucked up in all, I mean, the ambien light wasn’t that good as it was starting to dim out and there really wasn’t that much front of the stage light either, so that kinda left us only on the colored lights. Somewhere there between  That neutral front of the stage light is pretty important when you’re tryin’ to create something special for the photos. Enough of ranting… I took some time off, didn’t really want to look at the photos that much until just recently. And there I was editing and adjusting and goddamn, they turned out to be pretty fuckin’ dope to say atleast!

Check it out yourself!

There ya go, hope ya like it! Here’s a little something from Sanni that I shot awhile ago.

Thanks for watching! Let me know whatcha think about them photos? If You like what ya see, remember to check out our social media outlets as well. There’s different pics in there and they are rad!! Duh! And, remember Kids, sharing is caring!

And come back for more! Soon!

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