Sanni live PowerCup opening party, Town square, Hämeenlinna, 10.5.2016

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This was a rather spur of the moment kinda thing. I had just came back home from another work trip and the kids insisted that I should take them to this event happening at our town square. So little did have to say about that rather than just go! And so as I saw my chances there shooting some pics as well, the cameras came with me. And below You can see the outcome.

This was pretty uncommon shooting situation as for I haven’t really shot from the audience in such a long time and as the artist was rather out of my normal range of musical acts. I tend to find myself in punk, rock, metal etc. shows so this was a pretty welcomed change.

Shooting itself didn’t really differ that much from the normal than that now there was ambient light as much as one could have wanted so apertures were ranging from about 5.6 to 11 Which was pretty cool! Brings out the sharpness of my 70-200 The bad side was the heads in front of me, which can be seen in few shots, but I decided to keep and include them in here as I really liked the vibe in them.. Couple of these shots were taken by my oldest kid, Axel who was hanging on my shoulders for almost all of the show. He was pretty stoked to be down’ what his dad usually does. The smile on his face when he saw those photos was something that i’ll never forget!

But here they are!

See ya again next time as we back to my usual kind of bands….

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