Softengine live Kesäloma Express, Hämeenlinna 30.05.2015

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This time around we’ll have something for the younger generation, something very much out of my comfort zone. And something completely different from what I am used to shoot, but isn’t it refreshing to go out of your own comfort zone at times, ain’t it??

Well anyway, as I was taking my kids there and they made me take the camera with me so I was pretty much left without no other options than take couple of shots for them and from there it escalated as taking couple shots more. And here’s the result. Hope ya like them.

Don’t really know anything about the band itself. All the info I knew was that they were taking part in the Eurovision Song contest some years ago and placed on the eleventh on the finals. That’s pretty much it from my part. The audience seemed to know enough as they were singing along and enjoying the show, which is more essential than my knowing in this matter.

Photography wise it was pretty easy. Outdoors, lot’s of light, the audience was young and therefore i could shoot over them, no pushing, no beer cans or what so ever flying around 🙂 Hahaha! And let’s dedicate this post to those young ones asking for the pictures as I was shooting!



And hey! we have some pretty wicked photos coming up later this week / early next week! Something I shot on the Olympic Stadium! Major big production stuff! I just need few more days to finish them photos! They are gonna be sick! That set is gonna take at least 3-4 posts in total so I can release all the pictures I want! They just look so cool!

My old blog is still up and runnin’ too. There’s some cool kick ass photos from past concerts over there so spend your time wisely and go watch them!

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