Stam1na Live At Wanaja Festival, Hämeenlinna 17.7.2015

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You know, it’s really cool to see those bands that achieve long lasting careers and even evolve in between there somewhere along the way. I think Stam1na is one of those bands that can without any doubts be counted into that category.

And in the same time I have to admit that I haven’t really never been a huge fan of theirs or anything like that, but I’ve heard songs from their albums every here and there, so in some way I know what they sound like and where they come from musically. And I’ve always liked their visuals and the fact that they pretty much do it by themselves, from music videos to graphics and arts used in all band related. That kinda brings the whole artistic vision into whole, I think. Rather than just being part of the big machine where you’re being told on what to look and how to act. But we’ll not get any deeper into that matter now, maybe someday… maybe.

This was nice to shoot, actually one of the main bands I looked forward to shoot in the festival. And I think I did get some pretty nice shots there too! Lot’s of hair there in the stage, ha! That made a one of a kind element in some of the pics too. Glad that there was good day light so shutter speeds were fast enough to stop those tangled flying hairs!

At times You need to step away from the set after the actual shoot at let it kinda evolve into it’s own character. I mean, I liked the photos from back when I first time saw them in the monitor but felt that something was lacking there and not until this week I felt kinda distressed about it. Until I went into the black and white and realised how much more attitude and depth they got after I threw away the colours. What do You think about them? There a re few coloured one with them, but my main focus was definitely on the b&w.

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