Stig live at Skogster, Hämeenlinna, 20.5.2016

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Stig live at Skogster, Hämeenlinna, 20.5.2016

So here we are again with another new, quite cool and pretty unexpected set that was shot last week.

The venue itself was completely new for me in this manner, tho i’ve been there before but as in show wise. And since this was the first time they had an artist performing and it was more than cool to be a part of this! So thanks to those magnificent people of Skogster! You rule!

Stig was a familiar artist all thou it’s been pretty long time since I saw him perform last time in Hotel Vaakuna in 5.4.2012 under the moniker Stigg Dogg. Since then the music style has changed quite dramatically and his just known as Stig nowadays.

The show itself was just the Stig one could except and the crowd was ecstatic over it! And as it was the first show event in Skogster it was nice to see that people had found it so fast as usually it takes a bit longer to venues to get people to even know that they are doing events and shows. Not quite sure how many tickets there were sold but one can make conclusion from the amount of people there was that night, it must have been quite good for being as first event! Which is more than good! Every show, event, band of happening is very much welcomed in this small town of ours!

And then the actual shoot… When shooting in bars without actual photopit it’s always a bit of a risk. People dancing and going nuts with drinks in their hands are always a bit of a risk. But never the less, no harm were done and the equipment survived it once again! Lights were pretty decent but as there is no built in lights in the venue, the placing of the lights were not that good on that behalf. But thanks to the dude who did the lights there’s some good ones there and I am more than satisfied on what I got captured!

Hope ya like it as well!

This was dope! See ya again next time!


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