The Word Alive, Pakkahuone, Tampere, 6.4.2017

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The Word Alive, a metalcore band haling from Phoenix, Arizona was second opening act for Asking Alexandria at their recent show in Tampere. A band completely unknown to me, but once again my hunger for new music was fulfilled as they sound pretty fucking good! Really!

The energy is there, the hunger for the music is there, the passion… You know how it goes. These young bands shredding the world just to deliver their artistic vision on wider audiences are what keeps this whole industry going. Money hasn’t destroyed them, sad to say that, but it is what usually happens. Money fucks shit up in most of the cases.. but let’s not dig any deeper into that shithole, it is what it is.

This was cool band to shoot and it kinda bummed me a bit that they didn’t have better lighting available. The potential of much better and far more dramatic looking pics was there, but maybe someday that day comes when we’ll see them headlining, I sure hope so.

Remember to check them out on those streaming platforms! They have a new album out called “Dark Matter” and it’s really good!

So there you have it, punks! See ya again soon! Either here or in kaaoszine!

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