The Used Live Tavastia, Helsinki, 9.3.2016

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Ok, I must admit… This is kinda like a fanboy (God! that I hate that word!) moment.. sort of… but in other hands, I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t enjoy this…

I’ve been listening to The Used from the time when I first time heard The Bird and the Worm from Lies for the Liars was released in 2007 and remember being not that hyped about the album from the start. It had it’s times but something was not right at that time for me. It wasn’t until Artwork was released on August 31th of 2009 when I go really hooked on them. Artwork as album was a real mind altering experience. It really fitted my current mood and the vibe that I was living that time.

After that record I really dug onto Lies for the Liars album as well and kinda “found” it again. This time really diggin’ deeper into it. Then came Vulnerable and the rest is history.

So it really wasn’t no big surprise that when the opportunity opened up to go and shoot them live on both night that I grabbed onto that chance with both hands! Fuckin’ stoked!

And here’s what we got from the first night! Tavastia was pretty obvious for these shows and shooting there is always a pleasure. The staff is great, lights are great and good spots to shoot all around! Nothing new or spectacular on the lighting side of things. Pretty basic led show lights. Glad that there was neutral head of stage lights tho, made it a bit easier to shoot.

The show itself was awesome. The band was on fire the whole set and Bert stories of the songs and on multiple occasions told how grateful he and the band was on living their dream and how it is all because of the fans. That sure sounds like a cliche but in the end it is the solid rock on where the success of bands lies, so true words there. The band managed to make the show a pretty intimate and humble experience to the music lovers that were there to enjoy the ceremony. All I can say that I am more than grateful that I was there and was granted an opportunity to even document this evening to the future generations. It’s always very rewarding to see band play and perform with that childlike enthusiasm.


There it is, the 1st night of The Used 15th Anniversary Tour from Helsinki! Stay tuned as the 2nd part is coming along soon!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju