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So the first night was success in all! The band was on fire, the crowd was phenomenal and from those basis the second night couldn’t be anything other than greater success. And that it was!

The band seemed a bit more relaxed and at home there on that stage. If there were a bit tense band on the stage the night after, now there was no sign of that. The dynamics they had on the stage, man! That was some wicked shit to be witnessing. The chemistry was really there!

The self titled album has always kinda been a bit distant to me so I was waiting the second night a bit more. In Love And Death is an album that I’ve listened a lot in between Vulnerable and Imaginery Enemy so it was in my fresh memory and thats why I have to admit that I enjoyed it a bit more.

For me the album is almost like one big hit. There’s just such energy on that album that it really, really makes an impact each and every time.

Shooting was the same as the night before except the fact that I almost shitted my pants just before The Used started…

So there I was getting ready. Unpacking my gear in front of the stage all hyped up and ready to go. With my mind set on changing my 70-200 lens to 20mm prime and as I take the 70-200 lens off all of the sudden the focus plate falls of. Shit shit shiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!! Adrenaline pumps in my veins in the exact moment and i start swearing in my mind just as bad as one could thought. As there’s not much to do rather than very gently take the focus plate and put it back but bare hands I just wish that no dust or dirt get onto it. The plate sets on it’s place well and I test it immediately and everything seems to work well. So in the end, no harm done but that adrenaline rush…

Then the show starts and this is what happened then…

So there ya go my lovely readers and freaks. That was my The Used extravaganza! 2 nights, 500 kilometers driven, 6 hours of sleeps in those 2 days and over 2000 pictures. But it was worth it. I you’re planning on goin’ to see them where available, please do so! The band is really, really on top of their game!

Until next time!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju