Time flies!

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So it’s been quite while since I last time posted here anything and the reasons behind this are mostly lack of time. I started doin’ some shifts as a Photojournalist at a local news paper Hämeen Sanomat in April and that has been taking most of my time lately, besides my day job. On top of that I have shot various shows for KaaosZine, so I’ve not quit this scene either. The outles has been just other than my own blog!

But fear not my friend, I have some shows coming along here too! Just need the time and the right head space to write it all down. The pictures are mostly ready to be published! But at this time I will no take the extra pressure on it, I’ll just do it as it comes.

In the meantime remember to check out my instagram on where I’ll try to publish something daily!

Until next time!