Tiistain Kyynel Live Lepakkomies, 18.3.2015

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Tiistain Kyynel played a gig in Lepakkomies as part of their tour with Lokit. Cigarette Crossfire was on the bill too this evening, more coming from their show later on, but now it’s time for Tiistain Kyynel.

The band comes from Rovaniemi which is like lightyears away from Helsinki, so it was really cool to get to see them here in southern Finland. I Missed them last year when they were playing in Vastavirta klubi, Tampere as part of Puntala Festival. You can find a video of that show in here. And all tho video is pretty much out of focus, the sound quality is pretty decent, so it’s worth listening.

Photography-wise this place was a disaster. There was like almost no light at all and it was a shallow concrete cellar with no actual stage. Fit’s pretty well in the punk rock / rock n roll scene and all, but not that suitable for taking pictures.. So it made my night a bit difficult, but I think I managed to get few decent shots.

More songs from them can be found on the band soundcloud page here. Take a listen while you’re watching these stunning pictures of these rad Arctic punk rockers!

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