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This set has been waiting far too long to get completed, but finally yesterday evening I took the time and finalised this. So here ya go, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to You, The Man-eating Tree

The band hails from Oulu and delivers atmospheric metal with a hint of Gothic style every here and there. This was once again a brand new band to me and i’ve pretty much enjoyed listening to their new album every now and then after the gig. Really worth checking out!

They were opening the evening on the Unioni kiertue which had them, Wolfheart and Finntroll on the bill. As I arrived to the set they had already taken the stage and were on the fourth song of the set so no photopit pictures from them. But gladly Tavastia has such good surroundings for photography so I managed to take some pretty cool photos after all.

Whatcha think?


Setlist of the evening:

01. Vultures
02. Flatlines
03. Armed
04. Plaguewielder
05. Of Birth for Passing
06. Breathe Emptiness
07. Death Parade
08. The Heretic Pulse
09. The Divided
10. Obsidian

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