The New Regime Live at Hartwall Arena, 14.6.2016, Helsinki, Finland

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I know that I maybe shouldn’t say this as I should be all professional n’ shit but what the hell, I’ll just throw it out on the open! I was so excited to do this shoot! Man, You couldn’t understand how cool this was! This was just simply amazing! And as the circumstances wasn’t the best possible, I managed to get some pretty wicked shots! And by conditions I mean that I got to the actual stage as the band was already on the second track, but I was allowed to shoot through the whole set so the outcome came out great!

And I’d like to give my deepest gratitude to the band, management and Rich on the venue security for making this work out. Always nice to work with real professionals. I felt really welcomed and as the schedule was really hectic, things were happening all around in fast pace, I had just the attention I needed, communication worked perfectly and foremost, people were nice! Smiling as they came and went, having a good time doing their jobs!

Here’s the first gallery!

The actual shoot seemed to go by in a second, it felt it was over in a blink of an eye! That’s how deep I go into that zone when I’m out there doing my stuff. I don’t actually remember to really listen the bands when I shoot, the concentration always kicks in as I take this very seriously. It’s the force of trying to get the best possible pics when I’m there shooting. Now that this was already the third time shooting The New Regime I felt a bit more comfy shooting them as I knew some of their stage manners and so on. Like how physical style Hayden has with his drumming, The way Ilan poses with his guitar and the smooth, cool lines of Danny with his bass. This all makes it a bit easier to get to my goals with the photos and capture the essential core of the band. What I like with The New Regime is the dynamics they have, the way they play together, that tightness in the play is so cool!

Now enough of my ramblings and let’s get to the point. Pictures! Pictures! And more Pictures!

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Fill your lives with positive things!

Follow the band from their official Facebook page here and official Instagram page here They deserve it! Real humans making real music!

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