The New Regime Live at Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland 9-10.3.2016

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Hey, hey, hey fukkhead’s we’re here again with another kick ass photo set!

The New Regime – Live at Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland 9-10.3.2016

This band was completely new for me, didn’t know nothing from it, not a single thing. And I kinda like it that way nowadays. Keeps my mind open in both musically and artistically on the photographic side.

The mastermind behind the band is Ilan Rubin who has been handling drumming in Lostprophets, Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves and even a small sting in Paramore. The New Regime being his solo project, a one man band where I think he does, or at least has done, all recording, song writing etc.. The live band featured Hayden Scott on drums, Danny Rubin on bass and the man himself on a guitar.

I must say that I really liked what I saw there on the stage.

The combination of experience and enthusiasm was overwhelmingly positive thing and the band was really “live” playing during their set.  And all tho I didn’t know the songs or anything, I just had to check the sen thru on both days. The band really made an impact!


Above is the gallery from the first night and below the night after.

Shooting the band was pretty generic. I mean, the lights etc. setups had just the basic light setup and not much specialties there. Band was energetic tho and there’s couple of pretty good “movers” there. I just wonder on how cool they would have looked with a larger stage setup, more lights etc…

I sometimes find myself in awe when I stumble upon drummers who are really on top of their game. This was yet again one of those shows. The way that Hayden was playing was really pleasant to follow and shoot. He was very mobile and  empathizing as he played. He really played the drums!



So there you go! The New Regime is a kick ass band so remember to check them out! Either live or on a record!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju