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Hello! It is time for a new post again…

This posting will be the part one from this event. The whole 5 hour event was fulfilled with Finnish top artists from variety of different cultural and artistic fields, all making this event as unique as possible. Throughout the evening the stage was filled with more than 300 artists, ranging from ballet to choirs, pop to hip hop, rock to disco, you name it, that evening most likely had it.

For me this was my biggest event yet and I must admit that there were certain things that were a bit exciting on beforehand, but at the end it didn’t really differ that much from any smaller events. I was granted with full access to every part of the area which was more than appreciated. It really helps when you’re working with a pass that grants more access than you need. I really think it let’s You concentrate more on the shooting itself than to the stress that you’re granted just that 3 song period to do your work and need to hurry up…

But anyway, from this evening I must say that it was really nice production. People were polite, they were smiling, seemingly good vibes all around. It didn’t even matter that there were some rain from time to time. The actual reason behind my interest in taking part in this event was the actual cause. As I am a father of two young boys it just felt important to give my own input to this project in form of photography. The cause of the evening was to raise money to the new children’s hospital which going to be built in Helsinki. I’m not gonna go into more details about that in here because if I would do that, this post would be a mile long! But IF you CAN donate, You should and You can then do it in here on their own site. And from there You can get all the information on how’s the project coming along, how much they have raised for this project, who is involved etc.

Ok, then the actual “job”, that photography thing.. It was cool to be doing what I did there! The only problem was that I just couldn’t be at all those places at the same time that I would have wanted to be. On front of the stage, at the stage, left of the stage, right of the stage and so on… Production this big offers some kick ass alternatives when thinking of aspects and the angles, which was pretty inspiring in all and welcomed change to the normal club conditions where i usually get to shoot. I like to challenge myself and put myself in situations that are completely new to me, and all this was definitely just that. Keeps thing exciting and fresh. And as there was lot’s of light it granted the use of low iso settings, fast shutter speeds and stepping down on aperture to get the best out of my gear. Normally when I’m shooting shows it’s rather dark so the settings are quite the opposite.

In all, I am more than satisfied with what I shot during that evening and I really, really enjoyed doing this, hope You like them pictures as much as I liked creating them!


Second posting coming later on… You just wait and see what is yet to come!


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