Von Hertzen Brothers Live Wanaja Festival 17.7.2015

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Next in line we have Von Hertezen Brothers from Wanaja Festival

Again, a band not that much my kinda thing musically, but was entertaining to shoot and in all they seemed to have pretty good vibe there on stage as well. They went on pretty early but seemed to gather pretty big audience which was pretty cool! As I don’t really mind bands music, but I still simply like the fact that they have they’ve done “it” with their own style, doing what they want and love. That’s always cool when things work out as a result of believing in yourself and trusting in the thing you do, going 110% on it!

Black & white was the thing in these as well, except for few exceptions. Don’t really know what it is about it, but somehow b&w just worked better in these in my opinion. At times I find colours very distracting and think that it is easier to get into the pictures and the story that it tells when there is just black and white.


All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju

This post was done under the influence of “toyGuitar album In This Mess”